Drain Cleaning & Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-Jett spraying water in multiple directionsDrain pipes get blocked. That includes sewer pipes too. It happens even to the best of homeowners.

One of the best ways to unblock a drain is a technique called hydro-jetting. Simply put, the hydrojet pushes high pressure water through your water pipes, literally blasting the clog away. The hydrojet is self-propelled, meaning it will take off down the full pipe, blasting debris along the way and flushing it away. For more complex clogs, we can do a video line inspection to find any severe clogs or back-ups.

Hydro Jetting vs Snaking a Drain

A plumbing snake is ideal for minor clogs or to remove occasional blockages, such as too much toilet paper, stuck toys, or food stuck in the line. If your plunger won’t remove the material, a snake is usually enough to remove common clogs, or push it to a larger section of pipe. Snakes can also alert you to more serious problems. For example, if it can’t break through the material, you may have a tree root in the line, and not a buildup of hair. Hydro-jetting, on the other hand, doesn’t just break up clogs. A hyrdo jet cleans your plumbing lines of heavy sludge and grease type materials that build up on pipe walls over time. Snaking doesn’t clean your pipes. It is just used to clear a clog. Hydro jetting can clear almost any clog, it’s not an option for the average homeowner that wants to fix the issue themselves. If your pipes are damaged or weak, a hydro jet may cause more damage, so it is a process that should be done by a professional plumber to avoid damaging your plumbing.

Amigo Rooter and Plumbing recommends hydrojetting for most of your drain cleaning issues. For clogs or items that need to be cleared from the way, we It is certainly much cleaner, more effective and cheaper than having to take the pipes apart to find the problem. But to find out if this is the right service for you, give us a call or fill out the form on the right.

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