Natural Gas & Propane Line Repair

If you need a gas or propane line repair call us immediately.  This is one household repair that can not wait.  A gas line leak is potentially dangerous and needs to be resolved quickly. This repair work requires that you hire a licensed plumber. It is imperative that gas pipe be installed, fixed, or retrofitted properly. Exposure to natural gas or propane can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, irregular breathing, and even asphyxiation. Leaking gas can also lead to an explosion.

The gas company is responsible for repairs from their lines up to the gas meter. You are responsible for any repairs past the meter and throughout your yard and home.  Most of the problems with gas lines come from rusted galvanized steel pipes. Sometimes faulty, loose joints, bad connectors or even valves can also lead to problems.

Signs You May Have A Gas or Propane Leak

Natural gas has a sulfuric odor added to it.  This makes it smell like rotten eggs. If you smell rotten eggs, it is time to call Amigo Rooter & Plumbing. However, some warning signs aren’t quite as obvious. For instance, if you notice a tiny dust devil in your yard from time to time, it may be that the leak in your gas or propane line that is forcing dirt into the air. Another warning sign is if your landscape and vegetation turns yellow or dies, particularly in one concentrated area.

Gas & Propane Line Leak Detection

If you are worried there may be a leak, you can have us come out to do a gas and propane line inspection.  Gas plumbing uses many valves and pipes throughout your home.  There are plenty of connections that can come loose, get rusted, or get damaged due to impact or weather. The experts at Amigo Roots & Plumbing have specialized training and equipment to find any leak anywhere in their system.

How much will it cost to fix a gas leak?

Often it can be very inexpensive to find and repair a leak.  For instance if the leak is easily accessible by moving a gas stove or next to a hot water heater it could be very easy to fix. If the leak is underground leading to an outside fire pit or grill, it could take considerably more time to locate and repair.

The expert plumbers at Amigo Rooter & Plumbing are skilled and trained to find and resolve any gas or propane leak inside or outside of your house. We have fixed over 1880 leaky pipes and valves since we started plumbing.  Don’t try to fix this yourself, or have an unqualified neighbor help, let us come take a look at your gas pipes. Your project will be completed in a timely manner while staying within your budget.

When you call our Amigo Rooter & Plumbing, you will appreciate fast, friendly service at competitive rates. You can be confident that our professionals will get the job done right!

So if you suspect a leak, immediately call the experts at Amigo Rooter and Plumbing at: 602-446-6576.