Outside Faucet Repair

fancy brass hose bibThere are several reasons why outside faucets leak, especially here in our harsh Arizona climate. Many water spigots have rubber washers. When the faucet is turned off the washer closes off the water supply and prevents leaks. However, extreme heat is hard on rubber and plastic and causes the materials to degrade.

Other problems can be caused by mineral buildup and corrosion of the faucet. Nuts that hold the faucet to the pipes can come loose, and components within the faucet itself can come loose or break down.  Valve stems or even the screw holding the handle down may erode and need replaced. Sometimes the handle will just keep spinning and not turn the water off all the way.  Even a slow drip can waste over seven gallons of water each day, adding unnecessary costs onto your water bill.

Sometimes we can take the spigot apart and replace the worn out washer or valve stem.  Most of the time when a faucet drip it is because of wear and tear over a long period of time and replacing the spigot is the best option.

What Is A Back Flow Preventer On Your Hose Bib?

The back flow preventer is there to make sure that water doesn’t get sucked out of your pool or yard back into the main water line.  Many AZ cities require it’s use as a way to prevent contamination of drinking water. It can cause quite a spray when the water is turned off if there is too much water pressure in the hose.  Even if you don’t like the back flow preventer, it is there for a reason it is there. If there is a problem with it though, we can help.
No matter the cause of the problem with your outdoor water spigot, there are two things you should know are true. The first is that your water bill will be affected.  And the second is that the friendly plumbers at Amigo Rooter and Plumbing are here to help.
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