Tankless Water Heater & Recirculating Pumps

Tankless Water Heater Set UpTankless water heaters are a great way to receive hot water on demand, anywhere in your house. Best of all, you’ll never run out of hot water.

However, many folks are surprised by how long it takes the water to actually reach the faucet or shower. That is where a recirculating pump comes in. It only operates when the water heater does (to avoid voiding the warranty). It returns the cold water in the hot water line to the water heater and has a high speed pump to move the water faster than just water pressure alone can. Of course, recirculating pumps can be added to regular water heating systems as well.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with tankless water heaters which make repairs a challenge, including:

• Drop in water pressure
• Lots of parts and controls for things to break
• Hard water build up
• Improper installation or set up
• The age of the unit

There are also issues with repairing recirculating pumps, including:

• Vulnerable to corrosion caused by high water flow
• Knocking and noise when air enters the system
• Reduced water pressure

Electric vs Gas

A lot of people don’t realize there are electric tankless water heaters on the market. But if you prefer the efficiency of a gas unit and don’t have gas to your house, we are capable of running a gas line to your home.

Install Or Repair

The friendly plumbers at Amigo Rooter and Plumbing have years of experience with tankless water heater repair & install. And for constant hot water, we can help by setting up a recirculating pump. Call us with questions or to schedule an appointment at 602-446-6576.