Toilet Repair

white Toilet When it comes to toilet repair, Amigo Rooter & Plumbing has seen it all. Toilet clogs and leaks come in all shapes and sizes and seem to always happen in the middle of the night.  If your toilet is leaking, the first thing to do is to turn the valve off behind the toilet.  The second thing to do is to call your friendly plumbers at Amigo Rooter & Plumbing.

Common toilet problems include:
• Weak flush
• Partial flush
• Bowl water level drops
• Tank is leaking water
• Water level in the tank is too high
• Funny noises when flushing
• Slow tank fill
• Clogged or Plugged sewer lines
• Toilet vent pipe clogged or partially clogged
• Water trickling into tank
• Leaky seals
• Too much water pressure
• Toilet water valve won’t shut off
• Foreign items (like kids toys) stuck in the pipes

On average, a leaky toilet can quietly waste about 200 gallons of water per day.  That can add up quickly and often adds more than $70 to a monthly water bill.  The friendly plumbers at Amigo Rooter & Plumbing are trained to handle any number of bathroom plumbing and toilet leak issues. Our staff is prompt, pleasant, knowledgeable and ready to help.  If your toilet is leaking it may be time to consider upgrading to a newer, more water efficient unit and we can swap it out for you.  If cost is an issue it is often less expensive to just replace the parts that are causing the problem.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Toilet?

There are a lot of different things can go wrong with a toilet. So the truth is, we cannot give you a firm price until we diagnose the issue. But no matter what repair you need, you’ll find our rates affordable. So if your toilet is giving you trouble, give us a call at 602-446-6576 or fill out our quote form.