Water Softener Repair & Maintenance

Water-SoftenerThere are plenty of reasons why a water softener malfunctions.

Simply put, when untreated water enters the tank it mixes with salt (sodium). The sodium-saturated water then enters another tank where millions of tiny polystyrene breads attach the sodium molecules. Then the extra salt water is flushed out. Now untreated water enters the tank and the minerals attach themselves to the bead, trading place with the sodium. Then the cycle starts all over again. Problems can occur in any stage of cycle, but specifically:

• If the sodium forms a crust inside the brine tank
• Water high in iron will cause the tank that removes the other minerals to clog
• The injector can become plugged by dirty salt
• Issues with the bypass valve
• Insufficient flow
• Scale buildup
• Valve leaks
• O-Ring problems
• Excessive salt usage

Symptoms of Problems

• Loss of water pressure
• Signs of hard water before the next regen cycle
• Regen cycle issues, like it stays on
• Air escaping your water pipes, or sputtering water flow
• Odors originating from the unit

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