Sewer Cleaning

Sewer lines carry waste and water away from your home to be treated by your local municipality or through filtering in a septic system. While the city is responsible for maintaining this interconnected system of pipes, homeowners are responsible for the line that runs to their home.

The most common causes of sewer line problems are clogs, tree roots growing into the pipes, or a broken or collapsed line. Old cast iron pipes corrode and build scale and metal flakes come off to create stoppages. These are very common in the valley. Some warning signs you should watch for include:

• Regular backups or blockages
• Mold problems
• Slow drains
• Green patches or slumping in the lawn (for septic fields)
• Septic waste pooling in the yard
• Foundation cracks or settlement

Amigo Rooter and Plumbing has plenty of experience cleaning sewer lines, replacing collapsed lines, as well as installing new lines. If notice any of the problems above, call immediately before the problem gets worse.

How Much Will A Sewer Line Cleaning or Repair Cost?

Obviously, this depends on the work needing to be done. Sometimes, like in the case of a collapsed sewer line, the diagnosis is simple. However, most of the time, the issue is hidden underground. That is why Amigo Rooter and Plumbing stocks a modern sewer camera. With the camera, we can diagnose the actual issue prior to providing a quote, to ensure you don’t get charged for a sewer repair, when a simple hydrojetting service will do. And when you choose the friendly team at Amigo Rooter and Plumbing to fix the sewer line issues, the diagnosis is free.

Give us a call at 602-446-6576 or fill our quote request form, and we will be glad to help.